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The Retreat

A Tranquil Escape Awaits You

Escape to Serenity

Discover Calypso Palms, your gateway to holistic well-being and transformative experiences. We specialise in crafting personalised retreats of varying lengths, from invigorating one-day escapes to immersive four-day journeys. With locations spanning the serene landscapes of Gold Coast and Byron Bay, each retreat offers a unique blend of mindful practices and serene surroundings.

Our team is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where you can explore the depths of your mind, rejuvenate your body, and revive your spirit. We curate immersive experiences, blending wellness practices, mindful activities, and serene surroundings to guide you on a transformative path.

“Grateful is a word that comes to mind, grateful that I got to experience every emotion and feeling surrounded by the most incredible healers who created such a safe space for us to be vulnerable all while raising our vibration and tapping into our power. The location, the guests and the food was simply spectacular. This was a weekend I will never forget.“


Begin Your Day with Energy and Connection

Each morning, immerse yourself in a fusion of flow yoga, breath work, and guided meditation. Our practices are designed to leave you feeling connected, empowered, and energized for the day ahead, with suitable variations for all levels of experience.

“I have been dreaming about Calypso Palms hinterland retreat, which was filled with all things yoga, meditation, breath work and energy healing. Lucky to be surrounded by nature and loved ones on this journey. Thank you Calypso Palms.“


Holistic Experiences for Mind, Body and Spirit

Experience a diverse array of invigorating and restorative activities designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul throughout your stay:

  • Daily sunrise yoga and meditation sessions
  • Breathwork and soundbowl healings
  • Mindset & Manifestation sessions
  • Reiki & Sub-conscious healing sessions
  • Nourishing meals
  • Ice baths and Infrared saunas

Note: All sessions are optional

“This was truly a life changing experience! I was so tense, and had so much on my plate prior to the retreat and i walked away feeling lighter. I was able to appreciate all the small things post-retreat, which for me, is true happiness! The instructors were incredible, the hosts were so caring and approachable, and the venue was just spectacular. Thank you Calypso Palms for making me the best version of myself.“


Create Your Personalized Healing Journey

In your free time, indulge in one of our luxurious add-on sessions, relax by the pool with a book, or connect with fellow guests. Retreat add-ons include:

  • 1 on 1 pilates
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Life and Wellness Coaching


11th May

Mother’s Cherish & Recharge Day Retreat

Our Mothers Cherish & Recharge Day Retreat is a haven for mothers to spoil themselves guilt-free. This is a space where mothers can rejuvenate through yoga, meditation, and breath work, offering a day of much needed self-care and tranquility. It's a space where mothers can embrace wellness, connect, and celebrate their journey with love and revitalisation.

21st June

Zen Around the Globe Retreat

Embark on a transformative journey with our Zen Around the Globe Retreat on June 21st, a special day retreat in celebration of International Yoga Day. Immerse yourself in a day filled with various yoga practices and mindfulness activities, uniting minds across the globe in serenity and inner peace. Join us for a day of holistic wellness and global unity.


1 day retreat

  • 5.30am - Guests arrive
  • 5.45am - Introduction
  • 6am - Yoga and meditation (1.5hrs)
  • 7.45am - Nourishing breakfast
  • 9am - Mindset and Intention setting workshop (2hrs)
  • 11.30pm - Lunch


  • 1pm - Workshop (Ranging from Breathwork and soundbowl healing or Shamanic Healing) (2hrs)
  • 3pm - Closing circle
  • 3.30pm - Check out


Male retreat

8th Sept 2024

A male freedom, discovery, retreat

This is a calling for men of stature, reform, enrichment, and above all, men in search of their QUEST.

Your date for discovery has been set for the 8th of September 2024. Organised for you is a specialised day retreat, guided by men, for men.

Celebrating Freedom, discovery and strength.

Your time with us has been curated holistically for you to be invigorated and engaged in beach workouts, swimming & guided healing sessions.

Expect to reconnect, & be revitalised with your natural masculinity, inner resilience, & male intuition.


QUEST retreat

  • 5.30am - Guests arrive
  • 5.45am - Introduction
  • 6am - Men’s Yoga and meditation (1.5hrs)
  • 7.45am - Men's Vitality Breakfast
  • 9am - Emotional Strength & Self-Love Workshop
  • 10am - Beach swim/workout (1hr)


  • 11.30pm - Midday Fuel
  • 1pm - Breath work and Drum or Sound bowl Journey (2hrs)
  • 3pm - Closing circle
  • 3.30pm - Check out

The 4-Day Byron Bay Retreat

BlueGreen Sanctuary in Byron Bay

Where the sun’s first rays touch Australia is Byron Bay, famous for its iconic beaches and alternative lifestyle, and a hinterland made lush by volcanic soil twenty million years old. Here deep rainforests, stunning waterfalls, hamlets and farmlands share the hills and valleys and sparkling views of the Pacific.

Nestled in the hills twelve minutes outside Byron, the BlueGreen Sanctuary invokes this overflowing beauty into five acres of paradise. A sanctuary that imparts serenity with its sublime landscaping, rolling lawns, gazebo over the lake, terraces and nooks, swings in the rainforest and wild ducks on the lake.

The name itself drew inspiration from its surroundings: ‘blue’ from the huge sky, the distant mountains; and ‘green’ from the rainforest trees, the gentle sloping lawns, the macadamia and coffee plantations that cushion the boundaries.

4-Day Retreat Itinerary

Day One:

  • 2:00PM - Guests check in
  • 3:00PM - Welcome circle and nibbles
  • 5:00PM - Opening fire ceremony, guided meditation, stretch & intention setting, sound bowls
  • 8:30PM - Dinner and dessert

Day Two:

  • 5:30AM - Tea/coffee and fruit
  • 6:00AM - Sunrise yoga and awakening meditation
  • 8:30AM - Nourishing breakfast
  • 10:00AM - 11:30AM - Shamanic group 1
  • 11:30AM - 1:00PM - Shamanic group 2
  • 1:30PM - Nourishing lunch
  • 3:00PM - Free Time / down time
  • 6:30PM - Dinner and dessert
  • 8:00PM - Fire show

Day Three:

  • 5:30AM - Tea/coffee and fruit
  • 6:00AM - Sunrise yoga and awakening meditation
  • 8:00 AM - Breath work, Reiki, sound bowl healing
  • 10:30AM - Nourishing Breakfast
  • 11:00AM - Free Time / down time
  • 1:30PM - Cooking Class and Lunch
  • 4:00PM - Free Time / down time
  • 6:00PM - Dinner and dessert
  • 8:00PM - Fire pit and wind down

Day Four:

  • 6:00AM - Sunrise yoga & Meditation
  • 8:30AM - Nourishing Breakfast
  • 9:00AM - Closing circle and Guest checkout


  • 60 - minute Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage $170
  • 60 - minute Remedial Massage $120
  • 60 - minute Kahuna Masssage $170 (recommended)

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Corporate retreats

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Calypso Palms is more than a wellness retreat; it's a sanctuary dedicated to inspiring and empowering professional individuals on their journey to self care and balance within their workspace. Nestled in a tranquil natural setting, we offer a haven where guests can escape the stresses of fast paced and high pressure environments and immerse themselves in a nurturing space that promotes physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that true success is not just measured by professional achievements, but also by the overall well-being of individuals. We offer 1 day, 2 day and 3 day corporate retreats, at various locations across the gold coast and northern NSW.

Contact us today to create your personalised program - [email protected]

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Our Team

Brooke Muker

Breathwork and Reiki

Brooke is a passionate breathwork and reiki guide. She specialises in supporting people to move through and release their emotions. She creates a safe and sacred space for you to remove any layers of protection that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential. She uses Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) and the power of Reiki Healing to support and guide you home. She allows you to connect to a more authentic and intuitive you. Her intention behind everything she does is to inspire, empower, and bring balance back into your body, mind, and soul

Karlee Brown

Yoga Teacher

Karalee is a yoga teacher, reiki healer, meditation teacher and philosopher. She began her journey with healing and yoga at the age of 9 and has since spent her time developing a deep understanding of this magnificent health science. Karalee has trained in many forms of yoga (including Surf Yoga) and taught all around Australia and Asia over the past 7 years. Her classes are playful yet relaxing as she guides you through asanas (postures) to promote flexibility, balance and strength not only in the physical body but also within the mental, emotional and spiritual body. With her unique blend of wisdom, Karalee will help to inspire you and leave you feeling energised, with the skills to develop yourself both on and off the mat.

Jamie Belso

Sound Healing

Jamie is a passionate sound healer who uses the beautiful vibrations of sound and channels energy to help support people move through and release emotions, clearing away any energy that does not serve, and bringing peace and harmony into people's lives.


Pilates and Wellness Coach

Alistair is an international wellness coach, now residing at BlueGreen Sanctuary as Head of Wellbeing. Alistair is a certified Tantra yoga teacher, meditation teacher, life coach, pilates instructor and hypnotherapist. His work focuses on aligning you to your soul purpose while balancing your body and mind. In order to have a high energy life you have to have a high energy body, and Alistair is a master of this.


Fire Dancing

Soof is a passionate movement expert and owner of Hula Soof- a business that offers teachings and entertainment. She specialises in hula-hoop dance, fire dance, yoga, acro-yoga, and contemporary dance, but her unique skill lies in holding space for movement exploration. Soof helps individuals access their inner light by providing grounding practices and aligning misaligned blocks. Her upbringing and passion have created a space where people can explore and express themselves freely.


Shamanic Energy Practitioner

Michelle Vrkic is a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner who uses ancient techniques to tap into the spiritual realms of adults to allow them to create positive changes that can manifest in their physical world. Specialising in working with and transmuting inner child wounding, rebalancing the body’s own natural energy frequencies, helping awaken spiritual gifts, balancing masculine and feminine energy, and assisting individuals in stepping into their true purpose.

Aja Jade

Wellness Chef

At Aja Jade Wellness we create wholesome food experiences to inspire. Aja's love language is creating eatable rainbows, food that is vibrant, nourishing and visually beautiful. For her, cooking is not only about eating, it's about the processes involved from farming & growing, to then sharing & enjoying and of course benefiting from the healing aspects of food. Aja works in the rhythm of nature, her mission is to find the best local organic produce possible.


Weaving earth ritual, sound, movement and meditation, Fiona is a Shamanic Practitioner, Yogini and Sound Healer sharing ancient technologies to support modern life.

Fiona began her "spiritual education" in the Americas, immersing herself in the on ground studies of consciousness, shamanism, sustainability, natural healing and meditation. During her time living in Central America Fiona lived in community with the Mayan people of Southern Mexico. She was later introduced to the traditions and sacred ceremonies of the Huichole and Native American people which changed the course of her life and remain a central part of her work and offering today. Whilst formalising her studies of Yoga, Fiona also received ongoing teachings on the Mystical Kabala, Hermetic wisdom, meditation, lucid dreaming, astrology, tarot and modalities of energetic healing from her teachers in Guatemala. Passionate about the process of transformation and the ongoing practice of self-acceptance, Fiona creates spaces of heart and depth where curiosity, laughter and joyous expression arise naturally.


Mens Vitality & Fitness Coach

Greetings! I'm Ryan, a dedicated advocate for men's wellness, specialising in personal training, online coaching, and physique refinement. My mission is to guide you on a transformative journey towards achieving holistic well-being and realising your ideal masculine vitality. Drawing upon a wealth of experience in body sculpting and tailored fitness regimens, I am committed to crafting bespoke wellness plans designed to suit your unique needs and aspirations. My expertise encompasses a spectrum of disciplines, ranging from bodybuilding to specialised athletic training. Holding certifications in personal training (Level 3), advanced nutrition, and strength and conditioning, I am equipped to empower you with the tools and knowledge necessary to unlock your full potential. Let's embark on this journey together and actualise your wellness goals!


Founder and Host

Alysha, a spiritual enthusiast, found her calling in yoga and meditation's healing powers. Alongside Mel, she co-founded Calypso Palms, a health retreat promoting holistic wellness for the mind, body, and soul. Bonding over tennis and a mutual quest for inner balance, Alysha and Mel are dedicated to fostering an inclusive space where everyone can unlock the transformative potential of yoga and mindfulness, pursuing healthier, more fulfilled lives.


Founder and Host

Melissa Is A Spiritual Seeker, Who Is Committed To Creating Positive Change In The World. She Has Always Been Fascinated By The Mysteries Of Spirituality And Healing And This Curiosity Has Led Her On A Profound Spiritual Journey. Her Love For Helping Others is Her Driving Force And She Understands To Create Positive Change In the World, It All Begins Within. Melissa And Alysha Share The Common Goal Of Creating A Healthier, Happier And More Harmonious Future.


Head of Corporate

Grace Joins Calypso Palms From a Corporate Background Across Financial Services And The Tech Industry. Grace's Awakening Came In The Form Of Extreme Burnout, A Turning Point That Reshaped The Course Of Her Professional And Personal Life. It Was During This Challenging Period That She Realised The Need To Find Balance Within Herself To Sustain The Demands Of A Fast-Paced And High-Pressure Environment. She Now Passionately Guides Others Towards Balance. Grace Curates Transformative Retreats, Seamlessly Blending Corporate Know-How With A Profound Understanding Of Well-Being. Her Journey Is A Testament To The Transformative Power Of Intentional Self-Care And Now Helps Professionals Escape The Chaos, Reconnect With Themselves, And Discover Lasting Equilibrium.


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